restoration of the water wheel

restoration of the water wheel

Visitors to the mill can now see our newly restored wheel in action. The wheel was here when my grandfather purchased the mill in 1912, and after working for many years, had sadly become a little stiff in the joints - as the bearings had worn themselves out after many years of toiling to drive our old mill with a ‘Heath Robinson-esque’ system of cogs/drive shafts/leather belts etc.

The wheel has been away undergoing “treatment” for the last two years and we are very happy to see it back again, safe and sound and bursting with energy. We’re currently putting a film together showing some of the work we’ve done on the wheel and we’ll put it online as soon as possible.

Before the days of electricity this remarkable wheel with the help of our little stream, Glethe Goch would provide all the power to keep the mill working. In Phase 2 of the project we hope to use our newly rejuvenated wheel to generate power once again (going - Back to the Future!).

If you come to down here to West Wales make sure that you make time to come and see the wheel working again, here at Tregwynt.


on 2016-07-06 14:03 by Eifion Griffiths

We have included a link to a video showing the work being done on the wheel below.