Caru Canu a Stori Nadolig

Caru Canu a Stori Nadolig

Back in 2019 ‘Caru Canu’ was a series of animated Welsh nursery rhymes which launched on Cyw, S4C and YouTube. It was produced by Twt Productions, working with Picl Animation and the talented animation students at Cardiff Met.

We were asked if we would allow them to use our textiles to create the wonderful backgrounds, illustrated below. Those of you familiar with our work can see if you recognize the different designs…

'As part of the design, we’re keen to use Welsh textures and fabrics doted here and there in the landscape to give the series a distinctive look. These would include some traditional Welsh blanket weaves as well as some of Melin Tregwynt’s other fabrics.'

Siwan Jobbins - Twt Productions


You’ll find a selection of the ‘Caru Canu’ songs below together with a link to more on their YouTube page.

The series proved very popular and now the songs have been combined with stories to create a new series – Caru Canu a Stori - and here is a version especially for Christmas and a bedtime story...



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