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Paolo Carzana is currently a Designer in Residence at the Sarabande Foundation, established by Lee Alexander McQueen, and was awarded the British Fashion Council’s NEWGEN initiative award to show at London Fashion Week earlier this year.

We supported Paolo with fabric when he was a student, so he felt this would be an amazing opportunity to bring Melin Tregwynt into high end fashion with his collection.

A hush fell at Paolo Carzana’s first London presentation as people stood around, entranced by his hand-made visions of beauty and tenderness. There were delicately-wrought apparitions of angels in diaphanous head dresses—clothes conjured into being out of self-invented textures and the threads of Welsh history—and all this woven into a collection with a clarion-call of a title: “Imagine we could be the ones to change it all.”

As models took turns to make their way onto a set to be photographed, there was the chance to step forward and examine the intimacy of Carzana’s framing of bodies: his tiny shirts cut to tug open on the torso, strips of semi-sheer fabric falling asymmetrically layered and gathered into soft, padded zones; Welsh tapestry blanket-coats with bodices softly tailored into them. “Tender tailoring with strength and fragility,” is how Carzana described it.

The Welsh blankets hold a meaning close to his heart as someone with Welsh-Italian heritage. “They’re traditionally given to couples that are marrying. A gift of love.” Heading off a question about whether his work is intended as menswear, he added, “I think it’s for everyone.”

Taken from article by Sarah Mower for Vogue:

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