Found Muji


Those of you who know Muji will be familiar with their stores selling office equipment and simple unbranded household goods and clothes. They seek out everyday goods that suit contemporary life and the company’s clean, minimal aesthetic. 

Some years ago we exhibited with Muji in Japan and we were really excited to be asked to work with them again, supplying our doublecloth fabrics to their new concept store, Found Muji, which has been launched in Japan, Europe and China, but not yet in the UK.

Found Muji sells products from around the world, all sourced from small companies like ours and each product has its own unique story.

Their goal is “to find good stuff that lasts for a long time. If the quality, shapes and materials are already perfect, they don’t change anything, although sometimes they work with the original artisan or designer to find ways to improve the product.

Part gallery and part retail space, Found Muji goes back to the source, showing simple, useful wares from different cultures around the world. Metal bowls used for curry in India, Celadon pottery from Thailand, enamelware from France, feather dusters from Germany and now throws and cushions woven in Wales.