Colenimo designs with our fabrics

For AW15 the fashion designer Colenimo presents a collection inspired by the exquisite voice of English folk singer Anne Briggs, an influential musical figure who, despite her natural talents, sought neither fame or fortune. With an irresistible purity and natural beauty in her voice and a style rooted in simplicity and tradition her influence spread far and wide in 1960s Britain.

The collection created from many UK produced fabrics is made in the UK. The pieces include coats and tops made from John England Irish Linen, tailored coats and trousers constructed of Moon’s Heritage striped wool fabrics, flared trousers and shorts made from Melin Tregwynt Welsh blanket fabric, heavy melton and lambs wool checked jackets, a British shearling flight jacket, a natural Woad indigo dyed 100% wool top and knitted ponchos produced in collaboration with Corgi.