Adain Avion

Adain Avion
Adain Avion was a mobile art space created from a DC-9 Aeroplane. In 2012, as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Marc Rees and his team captained the art space through a series of events across Wales.
On arrival at each site, AVION was pulled into place by a large team of residents from local sports clubs, youth groups and community organisations. It then hosted a programme of cultural activities reflecting the distinctive history and culture of each area.

We designed a special fabric for the uniforms of Marc Rees and the Adain Avion Attendants (Kitch 'n Sync Collective). The AAA troupe created tableaux around familiar landmarks with added choreography inspired by the in-flight routines of the stewardess.
The Swansea nesting period of Adain Avion culminated colourfully with;
Blanket coverage: Tapestry and Tupperware tea party
To commemorate the 2012 centenary of our family company, Adain Avion invited the people of Swansea and beyond to bring their own retro Welsh tapestry blankets and packed Tupperware for a communal picnic around the plane.
The fuselage was completely covered in Melin Tregwynt fabric, Adain Avion’s unique take on the iconic artwork by Christo who famously covered the Reichstag in Berlin with silver fabric, transforming it into a social sculpture and immensely popular gathering point.
To mark the event and to celebrate 100 years of Melin Tregwynt we produced a special fabric and a range of "top flight" limited goods for our jet setting elite.