tall tales in space

tall tales in space

Twelve Tall Tales
Group Exhibition at Oriel Davies gallery
29 July 2017 - 20 September 2017

Twelve artists, makers and designers, selected by guest curator Onkar Kular, tell stories through objects that they have made. This includes the Welsh Space Campaign which launched ordinary Welsh people into outer space, by finding a cosmic context for Welsh culture, skills and traditions. A young designer Hefin Jones toured the last remaining wool mills in Wales and asked factory workers and craftsmen to help him make an astronaut suit.

The suit is made of fabrics woven at Melin Teifi and here at Melin Tregwynt. The astronaut boots are traditional Welsh clogs crafted by a traditional clog maker. The whole pressure system that will enable the astronaut to sustain life in outer space was built by a Welsh plumber.


Stories exist within the lifespan of every object, whether in the form of a tale around a treasured heirloom or an information panel placed next to a museum exhibit. More recently, storytelling has been adapted as a marketing tool, to allude to tradition and authenticity. This family friendly exhibition takes a more subtle approach in exploring storytelling through crafted objects. The works present multiple ways in which fictional, humorous, cultural, political and historical references can be translated into crafted objects.

Other artists exhibiting as part of this exhibition:
Åbäke, Auger-Loizeau, Carl Clerkin, Cecilie Gravesen, El Ultimo Grito, Zhenhan Hao, Hilda Hellström, Hefin Jones, Onkar Kular, Dash MacDonald, Noam Toran, Dawn Youll. The exhibition is designed by Martino Gamper and Åbäke.

A Crafts Council Touring Exhibition - Supported by Arts Council England