"Please take a seat"

"Please take a seat"

Foundation on Art and Design, Cardiff Arts Academy,
"PLEASE TAKE A SEAT" project with Melin Tregwynt and IKEA

The theme this year is Welsh Culture so the students from the Fashion and Textiles group have developed ideas evolved from their research into the historical, contemporary and multi-cultural aspects of Wales. Since January the students have been working to develop a piece of work that is inspired by their individual take on the theme, utilising recycled materials, and emphasizing the importance of sustainability. Special thanks go to Melin Tregwynt for their donations of materials and we are also extremely lucky to have sponsorship from IKEA, who have kindly donated the IKEA Ivar chairs (In celebration of the Ivar Furniture collections 50th anniversary). In previous years IKEA management have supported the project enthusiastically, and have participated in lectures, critiques and assessment as well as hosting the exhibition of the students work.

Alison Davies, Senior Lecturer, Foundation on Art and Design

The exhibition is on at IKEA, Cardiff until 23rd April 2018