We’re tremendously excited to have been invited to show here as part of the DesignJunction group of UK companies. Other companies involved include Modus, Innermost, Wedgewood, Anglepoise, Benchmark, Channels and Race Furniture. 

We all showed together in the amazingly cool and elegant Zegna company building on the Via Savona in the Tortona district of Milan. It was an extraordinary show; full of vitality and stuffed with design, some of it out of this world, most of it good but some of it unbelieveably bad.

        Of course DesignJumction was easily the best and it certainly attracted a lot of attention. Word of mouth is important here, and we became a must see.

I’ve included a couple of images from  the event but if you wanted to see more of the event just click here to visit our Facebook site where I’ve uploaded some more images.