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In September 2018 the Textiles students at Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gar were asked to look at the ‘World of Accessories’, challenging the idea of what makes an accessory or fashion fabric. Using Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 as their initial springboard, we wanted them to explore the up and coming trends, but be mindful of Melin Tregwynt as the client. Looking at scale, multi-functionality and texture, they have explored the possibilities within the world of fashion accessories, constructing woven or knitted samples for the market.

This exhibition showcases the designs by four of the students, selected by Melin Tregwynt.


I’ve been a guerrilla surface pattern designer all my life, preoccupied with texture, pattern and colour. I embrace happenstance. This is an integral part of the process. I also have a deep love of drawing and printmaking.
My paintings are made in response to my feeling of space when next to the sea. Fascinated by the horizon line I work on cotton rag paper applying oil paints and mediums followed by assemblages and stitch, both by hand and machine. It’s only when the stitch is added does the piece begin to speak for itself.
Quite by accident I’ve also found myself to be a weaver. I’m fascinated by delicious yarns and their placement in cloth, the divine structures and textures that give each piece of cloth its unique character. I would like to examine the language of cloth; pulling apart weave structures, examining the spaces between, creating cloth with unique texture.
— IMOGEN MILLS – BA (Hons) Textiles: Knit, Weave And Mixed Media


I live along the coast in Ceredigion. Being by the coast is what inspires most of my work. I love the colours and textures along with the organic shapes formed. I also love the sounds you hear along the coast, I find this very calming. I begin the design process with taking photographs, following this by drawing and painting using a variety of medium. Doing this allows me to create unique designs to transfer into fabric.
The work I have created for Melin Tregwynt was inspired by the rocks and rock formations along the Welsh coastline. I find it fascinating how things are constantly changing. Everything happens naturally.
— Angharad Shears – BA (Hons) Textiles: Knit, Weave And Mixed Media


green and cream melin.PNG
JUDE 02_750.jpg
JUDE 03_750.jpg
I’m inspired by the relationship between natural elements on the man-made and the effects on surfaces resulting from erosion and human use. Surfaces that are in the process of breaking down imbued with story and history, exposing layer upon layer of change growth and decay. I seek out the insignificant and overlooked areas in particular derelict industrial landscape, buildings, abandoned machinery. I find great inspiration in the working harbours of Wales and Brittany, the fishing boats, equipment and tackle. The colours and textures in rocks, lichens and bark are always an endless source for colour and texture.
— JUDITH SKED – BA (Hons) Textiles: Knit, Weave And Mixed Media


Image 1_500.jpg
Image 2_750.jpg
The inspiration for my works comes from traditionalism, the beauty of heritage and passing of time stranded together to be reborn once again. In all my works, the primary focus is sustainability, therefore yarn type and traceability are of high importance to me. As Mahatma Gandhi once said ‘There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness”.
My work for this project was inspired by the traditional woven tartan pattern. Deconstructing the original pattern to create my own response. Pastel colours enhanced with a strand of vibrancy and knitting patterns to give it a modern twist while using pure woollen yarn.
— LUCIANA SUARDI - BA (Hons) Textiles: Knit, Weave And Mixed Media


The Textiles: Knit, Weave and Mixed Media programme at Carmarthen School of Art, Coleg Sir Gâr is unique within Wales providing the opportunity to explore weaving, knitting and mixed media finishing processes.

The programme curriculum ensures that students have the opportunity to experience a range of career opportunities through a variety of market contexts: fashion fabrics, designer-maker/craft, accessories, textiles for interiors and textile art.Drawing and digital design form the foundation for development. The skills-based approach provides knowledge and an experimental base from which students can develop either a mixed media approach or choose to specialise.

The course is dynamic, challenging and creative, run by tutors who are recognised specialists in their field. We aim for our students to graduate with exemplary bodies of work that will lead to rewarding jobs, self-employment or higher academic study. The course ensures that students develop a broad portfolio demonstrating their personal identity. They will learn transferable skills for employability within the creative industries: many former students have well-established careers regionally, nationally and internationally. We aim to foster and nurture practical skills with academic rigor, culminating in a professional exhibition and portfolio of work.

You can find out more about the course at Coleg Sir Gar by clicking here


Tregwynt Mill, Castlemorris
Haverfordwest, SA62 5UX
United Kingdom

You can find Melin Tregwynt off the A487 Fishguard to St. David’s road. Entrance is free, we are open all year round, and you can see the mill working from 9.00am – 4.30pm Mon-Friday (with lunch break at 1.00pm).

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