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Our next pop-up exhibition is the work of Julia Rees and focuses on two areas of interest. Firstly, Standing Stones, these ancient monuments are imposing forms, offering mythical intrigue and wonderment on how they were constructed.

Secondly, set on a spectacular Pembrokeshire peninsula upon the site of an earlier sixth-century monastery built by St David, the Patron Saint of Wales, sits St David’s Cathedral, a site of pilgrimage and worship for more than 800 years.

Although solid they appear to transcend time. A spiritual place the atmosphere is at once of calm, peaceful, serene, lyrical and intertwining, the then and now.  Our past, present and future combining.

Endeavouring to encapsulate the passage of time, the marks within the work convey movement and overdrawing and redrawing changes the silhouette, epitomising its deviation through history. Translucent layers create ephemeral pictures, ghostly images that have passed before

Carreg Samson

The selection of fabrics and colour blocking epitomises the mood of the exhibition theme. Colour the natural hue within the stone and faded frescos, juxtaposed against the more opulent textiles found within the cathedral.  The decorative imperfections within the textile pieces are evocative of erosion and ever-changing landscape. The stitch lines, the Ley Lines, linking and enforcing my line of enquiry and investigation. The work emulates an emotional response to these monuments creating a visual dialogue, imagery softly muted, an impressionistic and metaphysical response to the subject.   It offers escapism, a time to think and a time for reflection. 

The exhibition will be open from September 30th - November 1st

St David’s Cathedral


Julia Rees BA (Hons) is a senior lecturer at Pembrokeshire College specialising in fashion and textile design. Very aware of how the creative arts impacts on our life she is keen to ensure that the creative industry are an essential part of Wales’s future development. It enhances our economy, culture and most importantly our wellbeing.

You can find out more about Julia here and on her website; www.wheelwrightgallery.co.uk


Tregwynt Mill, Castlemorris
Haverfordwest, SA62 5UX
United Kingdom
You can find Melin Tregwynt off the A487 Fishguard to St. David’s road. Entrance is free, we are open all year round, and you can see the mill working from 9.00am – 4.30pm Mon-Friday (with lunch break at 1.00pm).

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