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Last academic year Melin Tregwynt awarded fabric sponsorship to designer Ffion Wyn Williams, and are pleased to exhibit her graduate collection in our mill shop.

ETIFEDD AW 2019/20

ETIFEDDIAETH y gellir ei ddehongli fel treftadaeth, etifeddiaeth, cymynrodd neu hawl genedigaeth gan ei fod yn cyfleu ymdeimlad o berchnogaeth a chyfrifoldeb.

Comes from the Welsh word ETIFEDDIAETH which can be interpreted as heritage, inheritance, legacy, or birth right, as it conveys a sense of ownership and responsibility.

Ffion Wyn Williams is an ambitious and passionate designer who is influenced by her Welsh heritage and traditions. Her brand Ffion Wyn Artisan tells a story of Welsh heritage and explores ideas of culture and modern trends.

Ffion designs modern luxury clothing, combining elements of contemporary and traditional design. The Etifedd AW 2019/20 collection features many hand-crafted techniques.

The purpose of this collection is to emphasize the importance of preserving our heritage. I’d like to challenge people and their views on Welsh Tapestry and make them believe that it can be seen as a classic piece of textiles and craftsmanship with the help of contemporary design.

Ffion worked hard to receive sponsorship of tapestry from Melin Tregwynt which she is very grateful for. Ffion looks forward to stepping into the industry and gaining valuable experience while continuing to develop her collection and set up her own business.

RHEDYN knitted dress

DERWENA hand embellished cape

BLODWEN hand embellished winter coat

BLODWEN hand embellished winter coat


The Melin Tregwynt fabrics used in Ffion’s collection are Forest Summer and Vintage Star Blossom.

You can contact Ffion through her Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.


Tregwynt Mill, Castlemorris
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United Kingdom
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