Julia Rees BA (Hons)  is a senior lecturer at Pembrokeshire College specialising in fashion and textile design.  Very aware of how the creative arts impacts on our life she is keen to ensure that the creative industry are an essential part of Wales’s future development. It enhances our economy, culture and most importantly our wellbeing. 

Not only the tranquil blue milkmaid whispering water with no nick or ripple, but also the flung spray and the blown spume and the sea gulls crying and the taste of salt on your lips.
— Dylan Thomas

The exhibition is stimulated by walks along the Pembrokeshire Coastline providing a myriad of design inspirations, where land meets the sea.  The patterns in the rocks, towering cliffs, their numerous colours, speckled greys, creams, ochre and moss green reveal a wealth of geological history.  Grey slate shingle mingles with shells.  Pebbles and seaweed, all “object trouvé”, treasures waiting to be discovered.  Underfoot the sand is also rich in patterning and reveals footprints, shadowy echoes of those who have been before, “Mark Making” by the sea, ebbing and flowing, rivulets, and small whorls, which constantly change with each new tide. Senses awakened by the seas drama, harbour life and the lull of the boats movement in response to the sea swells.  These visual patterns inform scale, balance, materials and repetition. 

Natural forms and textures are influential and stimulate the exploration of layering materials and media.   Response to the geology, strata and the contours of the coastline inform the colour, patterning and silhouettes for the garments, textile design and fine art work.  

The work emulates an emotional response to the landscape, creating a visual dialogue, imagery softly muted, impressionistic and metaphysical response to our coastline.  It offers escapism, a time to think and a time for reflection.

You can find out more about Julia here and on her website; www.wheelwrightgallery.co.uk


Tregwynt Mill, Castlemorris
Haverfordwest, SA62 5UX
United Kingdom
You can find Melin Tregwynt off the A487 Fishguard to St. David’s road. Entrance is free, we are open all year round, and you can see the mill working from 9.00am – 4.30pm Mon-Friday (with lunch break at 1.00pm).

"COASTLINE" exhibition opening hours are:

Monday to Friday 9.30 - 5.00
Saturday... 10.00 - 5.00
Sunday...... 11.00 - 4.30