Wool is a natural fibre, and as such is apt to stretch and move with use. We have tested our range of blankets and throws using different care methods. We hope that by taking good care of your woollens, you can enjoy our products for years to come. Our weaves can be split into two main types:

TRADITIONAL BLANKETS: (Broadstripe and Yspryd in pure new wool and Multistripe in lambswool) 

CONTEMPORARY GRAPHIC DOUBLECLOTHS: (Mondo, Madison, Knot Garden, Luna, Carew & Patagonia designs in lambswool doublecloth and St David’s Cross and Vintage Star designs in pure new wool)

  • To clean both traditional wool blankets and doublecloth, we recommend dry cleaning. This method best maintains blanket size, handle and appearance.
  • Both types of fabrics can also be washed; but this should be a cool, quick hand wash, and short spin, followed by a cool tumble or line flat dry. The fabric should be immersed in cool water and agitated for no longer than a couple of minutes. Leaving the blanket in even cool water for any length of time will felt and shrink the fabric.
  • For contract use you can also wash them on a max 30deg machine wool wash, with short spin, cool tumble dry or line flat dry. Never use a “hand-wash” setting on a machine as the temperature can vary tremendously and lead to shrinkage. 
  • With frequent and regular washing, the traditional wool blankets can experience up to 6% shrinkage, even with the mildest care methods. The graphic doublecloths can experience up to 8.5% shrinkage and a slight felting in appearance, this makes the fabric become stiffer and more dense, changing the soft hand and smooth appearance of the blanket.

•    Wash / dry clean treatments will depend on the yarns & structures used in the cloth so we would recommend that this is discussed at the initial design stage.