Cushions and throws on the box

Recently an American friend tweeted with an image from the last episode of REV with Tom Hollander where the Reverend is having a really bad time and is taking comfort from his God and a stack of our cushions.

This reminded me that he’s not the only TV character to turn to our products in their hour of need. On Wednesday (this evening) BBC3 are repeating the episode of Dr Who where the Doctor shows that he has the good taste and foresight to keep a selection of Melin Tregwynt throws on board the Tardis; ideal for an episode where the time travellers are threatened by a very cold star.

So the new Doctor and friends saved from a freezing death by the warmth and comfort of some Melin Tregwynt blankets. We now cover all time and space - even the Tardis has to have a throw or two - comes in handy in a cold snap.