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100 useful things with MT fabric


Cushions and throws on the box

Recently an American friend tweeted with an image from the last episode of REV with Tom Hollander where the Reverend is having a really bad time and is taking comfort from his God and a stack of our cushions.


This reminded me that he’s not the only TV character to turn to our products in their hour of need. On Wednesday (this evening) BBC3 are repeating the episode of Dr Who where the Doctor shows that he has the good taste and foresight to keep a selection of Melin Tregwynt throws on board the Tardis; ideal for an episode where the time travellers are threatened by a very cold star.


So the new Doctor and friends saved from a freezing death by the warmth and comfort of some Melin Tregwynt blankets. We now cover all time and space - even the Tardis has to have a throw or two - comes in handy in a cold snap.


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Interesting use of our upholstery fabric

Apologies for the long silence. It’s actually because we’ve been really busy and things have happened so fast that I couldn’t begin to get them written up as a blog. Excuses over lets get started.

Here’s another selection of interesting things that people have done with our fabric. Most of these are from Japan and unavailable from in the UK, but if do you see something you’d really love to have, send me a comment or a direct message and I’ll do the best to help.

These classic Herman Miller chairs originally designed by Charles Eames have been upholstered in our black/white roundcross fabric and I think they look fantastic. 


 A set of stacking vintage stools covered with our fabric from Japan 


As well as vintage chairs people have been using our upholstery cloth for modern designs. See these stools from SuSu a small company in Japan.


And finally some brilliant cushions from a company called Takaokaya again in Japan They take the fabric and use it in a totally original way, almost like Origami.

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100 useful things to do with melin tregwynt fabric

I thought I would show you some more of the amazing things that people have made using our fabric.

These jackets, waistcoat and cap were made from our spice multicheck blanket fabric by a Japanese company called ThisisFew for their Melin Tregwynt 2008 Winter Collection. I’m sure that the winters are very cold in Hokkaido but this combination would keep you very warm indeed. The model on the right looks as if he’s realised the early September may be too soon to wear this outfit.