To mark the event of our water wheel being reinstated after months and months of renovation work by our skilled and patient Paul ‘the spin doctor’ (our water wheel repair man) and with a little help from a local fabrication workshop - we decided that we should release a new limited edition to celebrate the return of our water wheel.

These are two of our standard designs - KNOT GARDEN & ST.DAVIDS CROSS - to which we have added a new limited edition colourway for 2014.

Both designs are reversible & come embroidered with their very own edition number. Throws are fringed on two edges, and cushions are sewn to reveal the two different sides of the cloth. Made from 100% Pure New Wool - giving them both enduring and endearing qualities akin to old Welsh tapestry blankets which have kept families happily warm and so stylishly comfortable since back in the day when our water wheel was brand new (over 100 years ago).

For details click on the link below.

2014 limited edition